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Onward custom software development projects are highly specialized, flexible and cost effective.

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Our approach to custom software development combines the features of several standard development process models.  We work diligently to insure that your development project is well defined, predictable and meticulously managed.  The attention to details focuses on key milestones while providing reviews thoughtful review and further insight once completing each phase.  This also allows our team to deliver these projects with refinement and flexibility.

Onward Technologies has extensive experience building custom web-applications for both small businesses and large corporations. We utilize state-of-the-art development tools and technologies, including ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX, Web-services, LINQ, and SQL Server.

Our Development Team

The main goal of the Onward Development Team is to deliver on time and on budget the highest quality product to the customer that meets all the requirements and serves business purpose.

Our Development Team has successfully crafted and delivered countless applications, integrations, and add-on solutions to provide the functionality and productivity that our clients need when "off-the-shelf" solutions just won't cut it.  With the help of our off-shore development team, we are able to provide very cost effective solutions to meet your needs as well as your budget.

Our Development Process

Our approach to custom software development combines benefits from several standard development process models. We have a well-defined, predictable and highly manageable process while allowing for a degree of refinement, flexibility and results review after each major phase.

In a typical project we have the following major phases:

Analysis and Discovery

We define the boundaries of the system, document assumptions as well as business, security, and scalability requirements. There might be a few iterations if needed. After each such iteration, we refine our documentation based on the client’s feedback and additional details. The revised document is provided to the client for review.

Technical Design

The Application Architect designs the architecture of the system, its conceptual model, and creates technical diagrams. We also define business components, UI components, create a UI prototype, deployment scenario for the application, and start defining our quality assurance approach.


Based on the results of the Technical Design, we start the implementation of the project. We start with a project skeleton that contains all defined components and UI modules. These modules begin with an empty implementation and grow in time as we progress. As a result, the application skeleton becomes more robust each week, demonstrating project progress. All progress is tracked in the project management tools and reported to the client on a regular basis. Our QA specialists also start preliminary testing of the modules being developed.


While we start testing efforts as soon as possible during the implementation phase, our QA specialists start development of the test plan document based on the functional specification and technical design specifics. This test plan usually goes through a few iterations and evolves during the implementation phase.

The formal Stabilization phase starts after all modules have been developed and it ensures the quality of each individual function as well as that of the entire system overall. All changes in the source code are limited and controlled by the technical team leaders, and require their approval.


Depending on the technical details of the project, we design a deployment procedure at the time of the Technical Design phase, and then we test it regularly during the Implementation and Stabilization phases. In the beginning of the Delivery phase, we run these procedures to migrate data from old versions of the application (or other applications) to the new application database (if applicable) in the staging environment.

This provides extra deployment testing with the most recent data to ensure a minimum of issues during final data migration in the production environment and ensures minimal downtime during the final application deployment.

The result of this phase is the final version of the project, delivered to the client’s production environment.

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